“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.”

The things is, I get it.

 I know how it feels to be a new mum. To juggle everything that is going on. Balance your new role with a little person that pretty much needs you all the time whilst also figuring out the new you. I get it. I  get how you might feel physically a bit different to how you were, you might not feel your ‘best’ or you might be riding that hormone high. I’ve experienced both.

I know the decisions you have to make & the commitment that goes with it. I also know the excitement, the smile that spreads across your face when you think of your little people.

 I  know  that booking a session is about  the experience, the whole thing, from start to finish, so I’m here to the ease the burden – take care of everything for you and create something you can truly treasure. I book only 6  sessions a month because I want to put all my attention on creating fo you.

The thing is, is that I get it. I know how it feels to be in love. Utterly in love. With the people in your life, these new babes that have graced the scene and the people you surround yourself with.I photograph women and families because it’s beautiful on so many levels and because it matters. My aim is to show you your story, your people, in a fresh, stylish, real, crazy beautiful way.

Newborn anf toddler shoot

Newborn & Family Collections

Collection One – £250

  • + Pre session welcome guide
  • + Questionaire to help me capture your session
  • + Pre shoot styling assistance
  • + 1.5-2 hour shoot at home
  • + Individually crafted  online password protected gallery to view the whole session 
  • + 25 High resolution images to select
  • Photoshoots can be reserved with a £50 booking fee with the remaining £200 due of the week before your session.


Digital copies of your images are amazing – so quick and easy to access and we can share them with family & friends at the touch of a button. But, actually printing out your images and getting them in a tangible form is something we rarely do, but something we never regret when do.  Framing your picture and giving them a place in your house that you can see everyday, gifting them to a family  member,  having them ready to pass to the next generation is something that will never be wasted.

    Ive got a selection of different options for you and have the ease of it all being delivered to you, hassle free makes it even more enjoyable. 

* Five  additional digitals images from you gallery via digital download including print release GBP125.

* Five  stunning profession fine art 7×5 prints in my signature wrapped vegan leather pouch  &  all the remaining images in your gallery via download   including print release GBP150.

 *Two  minute family film +  five stunning professional fine art 7×5 prints in my signature vegan leather pouch & all the remaining images in your gallery via download including print release GBP275

* Two minute home video GBP150

What to expect from your at home newborn shoot. 

Real Talk.

Lets keep it real, parenthood is not all highlight reels with angelic children and us getting it all done. Its just not. Somedays feel like forever, bedtime seems it will never arrive. You’re in the same clothes that you have been for the last 3 days – if no one has managed to wipe everything they touch all over you. You feel on a constant wheel of eat, drink, entertain, change, sleep (hopefully), repeat.  But, in all of this, it’s actual what makes us. Where we do find enjoyment and we know that one day we will actually miss it when they are old enough to do everything without us. 

Newborn family shoot York

Why get pictures?

You’ve got a phone, even a camera – so why bother hiring me to come and take some? Well, this is a simple one. It’s not about the family picture with everyone staring at the camera. Sure, I’ll they’ll be included no doubt. But, its about the story. Your story. Those days like described above are real, for all of us. But there is beauty in that chaos of family life and thats what I’m looking for. 

Some of my favourite pictures from my children are the ones where I can ‘feel’ that moment. Ez running in the garden – it’s blurred – I don’t care – It takes me back to me nursing his brother and him living his best lockdown life.  You can only do much without being in the pictures – and thats what needed – for you to be in them. To see you in your family.

dad playing games

So what do we have to do?

Nothing. Just be you guys at home. If you want to set up an activity you can, but just be yourselves at home. I want you to enjoy the experience and see yourselves in real home life. That being said, I am not an exclusive documentary photography, far from it. My signature lifestyle approach is natural, but with a gentle guided approach to curate your story  in the best light and  positions whilst letting the naturalness  shine through. 




Dog and baby

Whats the benefit of a Newborn or family shoot at home?

Oh hello, I’m glad you asked. 

Home, that place that will always feel so familiar no matter how old you get.  So much of our home depicts the stages of life we are in. The style we’re drawn to, the place where we spend SO much of our time. It’s the place where traditions are made. Games are played. Where you start the journey of food. The little comfy nooks you settle into and wind down.  Home is where it all happens and its where we grow.

So to me, there is no where nicer for your  newborn shoot than at home, it’s where you begin every morning and finish each day. And that’s what I want to show in a crazy beautiful way. 

Safari wallpaper

There will be siblings there as well – is that a problem?

Absolutely not! Your children feel super comfortable at home with everything familiar being there. It gives them a base to stay entertained whilst their new sibling gets some pictures and they won’t feel left out. 

Having two of my own and a ton of nephew and neices chatting to Kids and getting them board is no problem. Dont be surprised to see us playing games, talking about characters and being silly.  My aim is to get them super relaxed so they can ease right into their shoot without any forced ‘cheese’ in sight! 😉


brother and new baby sister

What happens before the shoot? 

Before the shoot I’m going to send you loads of information to make it as easy as possible to feel prepared – because I know your days are already full. My style guides will give you ideas on what to wear and how to feel super relaxed and excited for your shoot. 

You’ll also receive my questionnaire to makes sure I understand exactly what is most important to you from our time shooting together. 


baby in the cot

Do we (parents) have to be in the pictures?

Hands down, yes.  So, I cant force you to be in them, but I cannot stress enough how you will regret it forever if you don’t. You may not feel comfortable in front of the camera – don’t worry – that’s why I’m here. I have over a decades worth of experience of putting people at ease. I have been in your shoes and I know that feeling. So trust me the I say you are in safe hands. 

Apart from knowing how to use light and poses to flatter and make you feel great – do this for your future self.  When you are old and grey (its gonna happen to us all ;-)) these pictures will be some of your favourites. 

What if we want to do our shoot outside? 

This is no problem at all. This is your shoot and you know best where you’d feel most comfortable.  I do most of my family shoots outside, but if you want to bring your fresh little babe – I aint never goinig to say no. Pretty light and gorgoues scenery – yes – yes – yes. 


Family Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you have so many questions running through your head. I’ll answer the majority that I get asked below, but if you have any specific questions, get in contact and I’ll do my best to answer 🙂
What if we're not feeling well beforehand?

No problem at all.  Your shoot deposit can be transfered over to a new date. I just ask for as much notice as possible.

Whats the ideal time after birth to have a shoot?

The ideal time is within the first 10 days. After this time they start to get a tad more alert and they start to uncurl more.  But, that’s not a problem and they are still beautiful!! 

How long after the shoot will the pictures be ready?

Within 7 days of our shoot you will see the edited gallery, where you will then have 7 days to select your favourites. Family Films will be on a 10 day turnaround.