“The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make.”

The things is I get it. I know how it feels to plan your wedding. I’m happy to say I’ve been there …

I know the decisions you have to make & the commitment that goes with it. I also know the excitement. The excitement that is not just about seeing your ideas actually come to life, but the smile that spreads across your face when you think of everyone together. In one place – having a damn good time – celebrating you two. Together. And I know it’s about the experience, the whole thing, from start to finish. I book only 15 weddings a year maximum, because I know the experience matters.
The thing is, is that I get it. I know how it feels to be in love. Utterly in love. With the person you’re going to marry & the people in your life. I photograph weddings because they are beautiful on so many levels and because they matter. My aim is to show you your story, your day, in a fresh, stylish, real, crazy beautiful way.

Wedding Collections 2018

Collection One – £1650

  • *Complimentary consultation
  • *All day wedding coverage
  • *High resolution gallery (450+)
  • *Online viewing & sharing gallery
  • *Slideshow of the day

Collection Two – £1900

  • *Complimentary consultation to discuss your day
  • *All day wedding coverage
  • *High resolution gallery (450+)
  • *Online viewing & sharing gallery
  • *Slideshow of the day
  • *Engagement Shoot or Second Shooter

Additional options

  • Prints
  • Albums
  • Second Shooter/Engagement Shoot

What to expect from me on your wedding day

The big day Starts

Those months of planning – aka making your pinterest board reality is actually here! It’s a lot of things – but mainly it’s brilliant. You’ve been to plenty of peoples weddings and their fab, truly they are – but your own is something else.  So where do I fit in? What do I bring to your day? Ultimately I’m the eyes you never knew you had 😉 I’m there to document not just what the magazines tell you need from their shot list. I’m there to tell the your story. As cliche as that sounds –  its true.  You can rest assured that the experience that I’ve gained from seeing so many people enjoy their wedding day – and also my own – lends to a stress free photography experience. Nothing forced. My biggest compliment is when guests ask if I’m a friend of the bride because that’s how natural the interactions are. Just like having your friend document your wedding, who has a pro camera, knows just how to find the best light and is determined to tell your day the best possible way.

Bridal Prep

Bridal preparations tend to have people think about the obvious – the dress hanging up, the shoes, your makeup. And yes whilst these things are intricately woven into the morning its way more than that. Some of the best times about going out where the getting ready parts before. So ladies don’t let this preparation miss a beat. Turn on the music – get a playlist of you need. Pop something fizzy – or even a fancy soft drink if that’s your jam. But most importantly have fun.  Get the good vibes flowing! Leave that wedding stress at the door – you’re about to marry your favourite human!!

But enough of the fun chat, let me fill you in with the practicalities. I arrive around 1.5/2 hours before you’re due to leave for the ceremony. This depends on whether you have a second shooter and if everything is one place or not. Of course, if you need me earlier that can absolutley be arranged, but from experience this amount of time works perfectly.  I like to leave 30-20 minutes before you, so that I can get there – park, get my cameras set up and have a quick brief with who ever is leading the ceremony as every wedding is different.

Groom Prep

So if you’ve opted for the second shooter option you won’t be disappointed. Having a nosey at how the guys are getting ready is good fun. Guys – take a note from the girls prep above.  Some tips that make for great pictures – don’t be ready before the photographer gets there – its all part of the fun. Relax. Enjoy. Crack your favourite beer/cocktail, whatever your tipple and get ready for your dapperest day yet!

The time schedule works the same as it does for the ladies, 1.5 hours before you’re due to leave for the ceremony. Also, don’t forget to tell your photographer (me or my second shooter) about any special details. Things you’re wearing that might have a certain connection to the wedding. Give us all the heads up 😉

And don’t feel pressured to have the photographer meet you for getting ready. It’s not for everyone, a lot of grooms are quite happy to met at the ceremony venue – or the local pub before hand!


The Ceremony

Ok, this is where it starts to get good Really good. Let’s be honest this is really what the day is about – exchanging the vows and making it official. But. I know that the same amount of thought has gone into planning this as it has everything else. So, before the ceremony starts, I (we if two of us) will  get the details before  it all starts. Your guests arriving and of course you the bride – you can see why I leave 30 minutes ahead of you now.

During the service I like to be as discreet as possible. I’m here to tell the story to show you. The first looks between you. Family, guests. Tears, smiles.

After the wedding, you’ll walk back down the aisle and usually into a mass of confetti. But first you’ll be saying hi to all your guests. This is a perfect time for me to get some really lovely natural shots. You may choose that you want your family portraits taken at whereever you venue is – but this can all be discussed prior to the day.

The Reception

So, you’ve done the formal part. You’re now married!! YAY!! Congrats 😉 So, let’s talk fizz food & canapés! The reception part before you’re wedding breakfast (mea) is another part of the meticulously planned day and I find this is section that flies because a lot can be going on in a space of either (ideally) 1.5-2 hours. You’re definitely going to want to spend time with your guests, chatting, laughing, sipping on those fine drinks and sampling all the canapés.  I’m also going to want to take you for portraits just the two of you and if we haven’t done group pictures yet, we’ll need to do that. You can see where the time goes right? But what you don’t want to be is away from your guests for the majority of the time. It’s not what either of us want. But don’t worry, I have a plan for this – read on to the next sections.

Group Pictures

Like I said earlier, you don’t want to spend all your time taking pictures, you want to be having an absolute ball with all your guests. With that in mind, it’s a good time to start thinking about which group pictures you would like and where you would like them. Would it  just be the immediate family & bridal party at the ceremony venue? Or is it lots of different groups back at the reception. There is no right or wrong – it’s your day but I’m going to guess that you don’t want to be stood around for endless pictures. It can take approx 5 minutes sometimes to get everyone you need for the picture – just something think about.

Bride & Groom Portraits

Ok, so this is maybe one of my favourite times of the day. You guys get a little breather and we get to take some pictures where your children and grandchildren look back on and think, wow, they were hot! 😉

The time we have here is a little like your engagement session if you decide to take one. It’s relaxed, informal and fun. I’m going to take pictures you’re going to love to see, and more importantly make you always feel just as you did on your wedding day. I won’t keep you long,  maybe 15 minutes. My aim is to take you out before you sit down for dinner and afterwards. The light is different, the speeches are done and you are even more relaxed.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you have so many questions running through your head. I’ll answer the majority that I get asked below, but if you have any specific questions, get in contact and I’ll do my best to answer 🙂
What if it rains?
Probably the most scariest prospect on your wedding day, the dreaded UK wedding. If it rains, we keep calm and carry on. Part of my job is to research your wedding venue, and I’m sure to know all the secret locations that we can use to make sure that you still get incredible photos and more importantly have an incredible day.
Will my 2nd shooter be a professional photographer?
Yes, The second shooter will be a Profesional from my trusted network. I will choose a photographer to compliment your wedding and the venue
Is my deposit refundable?
Your deposit is not refundable. This isn’t out of greed or spite, I only have a finite amount of days that I can book weddings throughout the year, and I take a deposit to block out a date for you. If you decide to cancel, then this would have been a date that another prospective client could have booked. So the deposit is a way to protect my calendar during wedding season.