I’ve been shooting weddings since 2011 & am one of the few who can say I actually love what I do


I’m Natasha   I’m a wedding photographer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Let me give you my virtual cocktail hour introduction (if you’re asking, i’ll have a whisky sour).

I’ve recently hit my 30’s and got married to my other half – Jim. We call Leeds home, live with our little boy Ezra and 2 fluff balls Geppetto & Figaro.
I’m part Irish, part Italian so you will always find ice cream in my freezer & the whisky snug in my garden fully stocked.
I’m a sucker for good design & way too easily swayed by gorgeous packaging.
I’ve been shooting weddings since 2011 & am one of the few who can say I actually love what I do.

I love Yorkshire, but god do I love to travel, and when the two work together – I’m a happy girl. I’ve shot weddings all over the world from The Draksensburg Mountains in South Africa, Chateaus in France, Private Casa’s in Mallorca to sandy beaches in Belize.There is pretty much no where in the world I wouldn’t go but if you are wondering, Yorkshire is still a firm favourite of mine.

I recently planned and had my own wedding in Spain, so I know exactly how this stage feels. There are so many decisions that you are going to be making and even the small ones can feel huge. Finding the person you want to document your wedding day is a big deal, so my most honest piece of advice would be to go with what feels good & what feels right. One thing I can promise you is that it will all be worth it. People say that ‘your wedding day will be amazing’, and it sounds so cliche. But it’s SO true. Being surrounded by your favourite people all day is without doubt a recipe for happiness and good times. So all this planning now, it’s absolutely, 100% worth it. I promise.

“I’m a storyteller, and I want to tell your story in a crazy beautiful way.”