I’ve been documenting people since 2011 & am one of the few who can say I actually love what I do


Hey you, I’m Natasha. 


Mother, photographer and creative.  Let me give you my virtual cocktail hour introduction (if you’re asking, i’ll have a whisky sour). I’m married to my husband Jim, we call Leeds home and  live with our two boys Ezra & Otto, and furchild Geppetto – who I swear is the most work!

 For the last decade I’ve shot weddings all over the world from  beautiful England,The Draksensburg Mountains in South Africa, Chateaus in France, Private Casa’s in Mallorca to sandy beaches in Belize.There is pretty much no where in the world I wouldn’t go but if you are wondering, Yorkshire is still a firm favourite of mine.

family shoot in fields
family shoot in fields
mum and baby real moments

I’ve always scattered newborn & families sessions and branding shoots  into my seasons, but since my first boy was born, Ezra, I wanted to do more of them. I now had that knowing of how the simplest and ordinary of days and moments can be some of the most beautiful. The daily ebb and flow that actually fills the soul, even when it doesn’t always feel like it. When my second boy was born,Otto, I knew that I needed to document more mums and their babes. Motherhood as I am finding is fleeting. Yep, they will always be our children, but there is something about this  age, the new us, the changes we are always finding ourselves in, that feel a little bit like sand through the fingers – you can’t keep it all. 




I have a passion for mums and their babies, I don’t feel like we dare to show ourselves enough. I get how it feels to love these little people in a way you sometimes can’t articulate. To want to document every part of life with them because you know it goes fast. I know how it feels to not always want to be in front of the camera, but I also know that we need to. We need to put those fears of how we feel, look, how we changed aside and embrace it all, if not for us, for them.Do it for your grandchildren. Do it for your  older self – give her a treat to look back on. 


strawberry picking
Real life motherhood


1. My middle name is Margareta.

2. I’m part Italian, part English, mostly Irish!

3. Whisky is my go to, but I wouldn’t say no to a rum  – Havana club number 3 if you’re asking!

4. I have a goal to grow ranunculus’s but Peony’s are my favourite.

5. I read more cookbooks than I use.

6. I’m a reader, but never a Kindle.

7. Morocco is one of my favourite places-  haggling is a skill I never knew I had.




“I’m a storyteller, and I want to tell your story in a crazy beautiful way.”